Pembury Evening WI

Pembury Evening WI was formed in 1964 and we have a membership of about 35. We meet on the 1st Friday of the month at Pembury Village Hall. We have a wide range of speakers.

Below is part of our latest newsletter, the full one can be seen in the news section of our website and is a taster of what we did at our last meeting.

NOVEMBER SPEAKER – We welcomed Alex Beard to our meeting. After graduating 15 years ago, she joined BBC Radio Kent before moving into Television. The BBC were very good at training her for all situations and one of these training sessions included “Hostile Training Environment” where she was in full riot protection gear and in the middle of a very realistic police training simulation where petrol bombs were being thrown. She then did a six month undercover job in Brighton attempting to buy drugs that had recently become illegal. Although she had a guard standing by at all times, she did find it scary. However this was nothing compared to her first live broadcast where she was meant to speak for 30 seconds but only managed 20. After this presenting South East Today was easy as she had an autocue, however wearing an ear piece can be off putting as you can hear everything going on behind the scenes. After 8 years with the BBC she moved to London Live where video journalism was used. This meant that she did the filming & editing before sending in her report. It is a very cheap and efficient way of bringing news to the public even if the quality is not so high. After her second baby she decided to leave the front line and now works freelance, writing blogs and known as an “Influencer” where companies pay her to advertise a product as they are able to tell immediately what impact she has. These product placements have strict guidelines so the public know she is being paid.