Pembury Evening WI

Pembury Evening WI was formed in 1964 and we have a membership of about 35. We meet on the 1st Friday of the month at Pembury Village Hall. We have a wide range of speakers.

Below is part of our latest newsletter, the full one can be seen in the news section of our website and is a taster of what we did at our last meeting.

JANUARY MEETING – We welcomed back Neil Sadler, who had visited us last January when he spoke about Gongoozling for beginners. This time he spoke about his life as a Policeman. He joined Sussex Police in 1978 after being a civil servant in Bristol. The reason he moved to Sussex was that at that time not all forces accepted men with beards but Sussex did. He spent 30 years in the force, mainly as an operational officer in various ranks. He started in Bognor Regis and showed us a photo of his uniform at the time, so different from today’s uniform. The wooden truncheons they had when he started where liable to get wood worm and would give someone a bad headache, whereas the American style truncheons they use now could kill. Neil then talked about a large part of work Police do – Missing People. In 2010 there were 3381 cases of missing people in Sussex, times that by the 41 police forces in the UK, means it is a big problem. Some of the people missing are only gone for a few days – Agatha Christie went missing in 1926 for 11 days, whereas Lord Lucan is still missing. Each missing person is investigated, some involve a search when volunteers are involved. However some of these volunteers have ulterior motives including misdirection as they are the kidnapper / killer. Sometimes the volunteers ignore instructions and they themselves get lost and it has been known for some to claim compensation when they were injured while looking for the missing person, Police have to be wary of the volunteer’s motive.


The JUMBLE SALE has been POSTPONED until 23rd February due to the weather conditions