Pembury Evening WI

Pembury Evening WI was formed in 1964 and we have a membership of about 35. We meet on the 1st Friday of the month at Pembury Village Hall. We have a wide range of speakers.

Below is part of our latest newsletter, the full one can be seen in the news section of our website and is a taster of what we did at our last meeting.

JANUARY MEETING – We welcomed back Delia Taylor, who had last visited us in November 2018 when she talked about The Impact of World War One on Woman. This time in recognition of the fact we are in a new Twenties decade she spoke about “The Roaring Twenties” from last century. The 1920’s were a period of incredible economic growth coupled with the breakdown of many traditional social barriers, particularly involving women. It was a period of, as Cole Porter sang, misbehaving. Changes in fashion for women gave then freedom from corsets and looser dresses with the emphasis on the hips as opposed to the waist. Then came then “Flappers” a new breed of young western women who had their hair cut and used make-up which previously had only been used by prostitutes and “common” girls. They started smoking and riding bikes and in America the young women even had their own language e.g. Manacle was a Wedding Ring. The Twenties was a period of invention, from Band Aid plaster in 1920 to Traffic Lights in 1925. It was a golden age of films including “The Jazz Singer” and the “Metropolis”. However the Twenties was not all fun as in 1926 there was the General Strike in the UK which lasted 9 day and the Wall Street Crash in America in 1929. Despite these events the Twenties will be remembered as a period of change and of elegance.

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